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Here at HANGMAN, we believe in our client's future goals and dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. That's why we offer our clients the unique services we provide. We know of no other company in this industry that helps legally protect their clients from copyright infringement violations as we do, for such a reasonably modest price.

Our Philosophy

Most "graphic designers" you will find in this huge industry have little, to no care, if their customers are fined or imprisoned as a result of the 'quick buck' they make from  using stolen images from the internet to create their customers designs, websites, etc... Leaving their customers wide open for lawsuits from Chilling Effects.

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What Clients Say About Us

"Hangman went above and beyond what I had expected! They know how to do just about anything, and I'm always blown away with how much knowledge they have on how to reach a large amount of people through their advertising techniques."

Jonathan Moody,

Manager for the band JUNE RAIN ™

"I love the fact that I never have to worry about infringing upon other artist's work, and when it's done, It's mine. That alone is worth it to me and  my business. Other companies just don't care about that stuff"


Linda Eagleton,

Owner of The Gone

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​​ Hello, and welcome to the official online home of HANGMAN IMAGING.™  Your trusted source for the finest Original high end promotional tools and imagery in the industry. We are more then just a graphic arts design studio. Our talented artists, designers, and web developers make ONLY 100% original works for your needs, with the protection and peace of mind that goes along with actually owning the very rights to our creations. That's right. We actually sell the rights to our custom designs, and guarantee  all of our imaging concepts or processes are 100% free of copyright infringement.

Meaning :

  You're protected while you promote your company, or anything else for that matter. Each sale is backed up with a legal contract(receipt), stating that HANGMAN IMAGING ™ is fully responsible for any copyright infringement violations, should any ever arise, forever. 

   The Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA), is a very real threat to unsuspecting individuals and business owners alike, and can even cause huge corporations to be fined unprecedented amounts of money and time, having to litigate against the federal government and/or the various other countries that have peace treaties with the U.S. Government through the DMCA.