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  Copyright law is something that more and more of you will start to become familiar with as we continue to progress into the digital world. It is such a complex thing to examine, that we thought it would be best to include several links to governmental and other various  websites to get you started if you're interested, as opposed to overwhelming this particular site with too much literature on the subject.

... Just to name a few.

* Lack of responsibility 

* Lack of knowledge

  (regarding copyright law)

* Lack of creativity 

* Laziness 

* Time constraints

  (usually due to commission based salary)

* They simply don't care


  One of the few things that are constantly over-looked by most individual graphic artists and/or graphic arts companies in this industry, yet, are one of the most important aspects of this industry. Why are legalities so widely ignored by most individuals and companies in this industry if they're so important? Here are several reasons why :